More European Businesses in Vietnam Plan Investment Expansion: Survey

Up to 50% of European businesses operating in Vietnam in the fourth quarter of 2017 planned to increase their investment in the country in the next three months as they remain upbeat about business outlook, according to a latest survey conducted by the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (EuroCham).
The figure was higher than a rate of 47% corresponding the second quarter (Q2) last year, according to the Business Climate Index (BCI) survey announced by the EuroCham in Hanoi on Thursday. No survey was conducted for Q3.
The rate of companies looking to invest significantly in the country doubled to 18% in Q4 from 9% in the previous survey.
The survey showed that the number of respondents intending to maintain their level of investment accounted for 36% of the total answers, down five percentage points from Q2/2017. Just 5% of respondents planned to downsize investment, compared to 9% previously.
The BCI for Q4/2017 came at 77 points, unchanged from Q2 and down eight points from Q4/2016.
Gellert Horvath, co-chair of EuroCham Vietnam, said at the media meeting that European enterprises appreciated the Vietnamese government’s recent efforts to better the business climate. However, several policies needed more time to take effect while implementation remained an issue.


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